Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR policy is hinged on our clear understanding that good business depends on making a positive impact on the lives of the people and operating in a way that does no harm to the environment.

Consequently, we will remain committed to earning the trust of society by ensuring that safety and responsibility are at the heart of our operations.

In line with this policy of respect for the environment and for the needs of local communities and the society in general, we will demonstrate good corporate citizenship through strategic communal engagements, partnership and support for emerging social trends and developmental issues.

We will make deliberate efforts to improve on our relationships with customers, partners and the communities in which we operate.

For us, treating the society and the environment responsibly is an essential component of sustainable growth and long-term shareholder value. Our guiding principle is fostering relationships that are founded on trust and mutual advantage. We will continue to ensure that all aspects of our operations are conducted in a responsible manner, in line with best practice and in the best interest of all.

Host Communities: As a caring corporate citizen and an integral part of the Nigerian society, the company will continue to touch lives and improve living standards, by offering support for projects which focus on people and community developments, especially in the areas where we operate.

We will regulate our activities to ensure that, consistent with sustainable business and development, they have a positive impact on the society.

Employees: We will keep promoting sustainable environment and maintaining a safe workplace at all our locations. We will ensure that our workforce is equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude so they can fulfil their personal potential to the maximum and deliver to the best of their abilities.