Retail Pioneering Fuelling Innovations for Smoother Lifestyle

At our stations, we help to keep you on the move by offering fuels with a range of benefits. Our Bull Mart too ensures you remain refreshed for the rest of your journey.

Conoil Retail has grown an expansive distribution network throughout the country for the purpose of retailing petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas and other petroleum products. The proposition is to ensure that customers get real value and ultimate satisfaction through quality products, professionally managed and reliable facilities.

With over 300 modern outlets and a sizeable number of all-purpose mega stations in strategic parts of the country, Conoil Retail’s distribution network ranks among the fastest-growing in the nation’s downstream oil industry.

Customer delight is one of the core values of Conoil Retail. The forecourt attendants are trained to offer excellent service to customers in the friendliest way and in a clean and safe environment. The stations are consistently monitored to enforce strict compliance to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and to ensure that customers get the right product, the right quality and the right price at all times. The location of the retail outlets is strategic to guarantee the widest possible penetration into the remotest

Conoil has continually set new standards in fuel retailing with world-class facilities and groundbreaking marketing initiatives that endear it to customers and place it far ahead of competition. Its multimillion-naira mega retail outlets have totally redefined the whole concept of service stations.

The mega stations are equipped with modern security gadgets that make it possible for them to render 24 hours service. They have facilities such as multi-product dispensing units, electronic air/water gauges and state-of-the-art non-space pumps, which Conoil was the first to introduce into Nigeria. There is also provision for internet café, laundry, fast-food joints, banks and supermarkets.

Conoil Retail aims at becoming the foremost convenience retailer, moving from being fuel-dependent to offering an integrated set of convenience-based products and services to satisfy everyday needs.