Lubricants Oiling Customers’ Wheel of Progress

Conoil is a leading manufacturer of premium lubricants. In Nigeria, we consistently rank as the number one marketer of a complete line of lubrication and coolant products. It supplies top quality international brands of automotive engine oils, gear oils, transmission oils and multi-purpose bearing greases to a variety of commercial, industrial and retail customers. The company is known for quality, technological excellence and environmental friendliness.

Our lubricant brands, Quatro and Golden Super, hold top positions in the market and are adjudged the brand of choice. Quatro, which has the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) seal of excellence, earned the "Lubricant of the Year” award for several years running.

Besides the unique packaging which enhances the products’ visibility, Conoil commits substantial investments to branded lubrication bays at select retail outlets across the country, which offer high standard services (quick-oil-change, top-ups, free checks, etc.), backed up by courteous, professional attendants. The objective is to achieve optimum customer satisfaction and become the preferred marketer of lubricants in Nigeria and its environs.

A wide range of industrial lubricants for applications in manufacturing, textile, cement, breweries, oil exploration and producing companies, and the transmission oils for the transmission and gear system of vehicles are also available.

Quality Control

Manufacturing of lubricants is being carried out in an upgraded, modern facility to ensure delivery of premium products with a high level of product integrity, on a consistent basis.

A rugged, fail-safe process control system ensures high level of accuracy and reliability in production processes with minimum manual intervention. All inputs used in formulations and packaging are sourced only from international vendors of repute. A rigorous quality control system is also put in place to ensure quality tests are carried out at each stage of processing from input to output.

With innovative ideas, effective co-operation with world-renowned additive manufacturers, specification bodies and original equipment manufacturers, our team of professionals is already carrying out researches to further broaden the range of products designed to suit the consumers’ specific needs.

Customer Service

We hold sacrosanct our values, which are to be reputable, customer-responsive, progressive and personable. Our brands are developed with a clear understanding of the customer’s needs. The ultimate goal is to offer optimum performance and protection for customer convenience.