Health, Safety & Environment

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbours is part of our corporate philosophy. Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy emphasises the highest concern and commitment for the health and safety of all individuals and conservation of the environment. To help us meet our HSE objectives, we have in place a number of initiatives, which include customised training programmes, awareness campaigns, and safety and security audits.

In CONOIL Plc, we conduct our activities in such a way as to take foremost account of the health and safety of our employees, and of other persons involved in our business, and give proper regard to the conservation and enhancement of the environment.

We are committed to:
  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people
  • Protect the environment
  • Develop products and services consistent with these aims
  • Play a leading role in promoting best practice in our industry
  • Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity
  • Promote a culture in which CONOIL employees share this commitment

Adopts a proactive approach to the management of HSE

Applies a systematic HSE management System designed to ensure compliance with the law,

Aims to achieve continuous improvement through HSE performance management schemes that include individual, team and corporate target setting, performance appraisal and reporting,

Recognises individual and team HSE performance and rewards accordingly. Through visible management commitment, supports continuing HSE education and training for all staff,

Contributes to sustainable development in concept and practice, Requires contractors to manage HSE in line with the Company policy.