Specialized Products Offering Crucial Support for Industrial Growth

We operate a fleet of modern tankers that move products across the country to ensure that customers’ needs are met even in the remotest markets.

Specialised Products Business deals in bulk delivery of all petroleum products to industrial customers, backed by superior service. It is focused on providing essential products and quality services to our industrial customers. The business continues to grow, consistently strengthening existing relationships and cultivating new ones in order to guarantee the desired atmosphere for profitable growth.

Our investment in personnel training and equipment has impacted positively on overall efficiency and service delivery. We have increased the storage capacity of AGO facilities in order to take advantage of economy of scale. Our facilities in Apapa, Warri, Port Harcourt, Onne, Kano and Jos are a major boost to our storage capacity and enhance service delivery to our growing clientele, which comprises breweries, cement companies, textile firms, banks, hotels, transport companies, cosmetics manufacturers, vegetable oil producers, among others.

In addition to the ongoing expansion of the C&I/E&P business, we continue to set standards in the growing market of base oil, where the loading facilities have been modernised to ensure excellent customer service and prompt product delivery.

Depot Facilities

Crucial to the operations of the Conoil Specialised Products are depots which are strategically located across the country to ensure even distribution of products at all times. Such depots can be found in Apapa, Aba, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, and Abuja. They all have modern loading gantries and other facilities and safety equipment to aid efficiency in distribution.

The Apapa Depot in Lagos is the “Quality Control Room” of Conoil. With the depot as its backbone, Conoil has remained at the forefront of harnessing the latest technological advances to maximise efficiency for greater customer satisfaction. The sophisticated facilities at the Installation keep Conoil far ahead of the pack, as they bestow on the company unparalleled leverage in storage, blending and distribution of petroleum products, in line with best practices in the industry.

Among the facilities is the laboratory, which is one of the best equipped in the downstream oil sector of the country. Manned by a crop of well-trained personnel, the laboratory is constantly upgraded to meet international standard. The application of rigorous quality assurance standards has placed Conoil Plc as the leader for referencing and re-certification of fuels before they are released for public consumption. This is more so in the case of Aviation fuel (Jet A1) where quality is key.

The Installation was built with initial 17 bulk storage tanks having a total capacity of 45,680MT, followed by another set of 10 bulk storage tanks for the storage of base oils for the Lube plant. In addition, there are two tank farms (Main Products Plant and Lube Oil Blending Plant) both of which have vertical and horizontal tanks of varying capacities. There are also four loading gantries for the filling of Lube Oil, White Oil and AGO. The Loading Gantry are designed for top loading of products.