The Conoil Brand

Conoil is our master brand. The essence of the Conoil brand is encapsulated in the company’s pay-off line: ‘We go the extra mile’, which speaks of our zeal to deliver excellence at all times. The brand symbolises and embodies everything we do or aspire to do as a corporation.

We have over the years built and managed a strong brand image reflecting Conoil's core values of constantly tracking customer’s changing behaviour, needs and expectations, with the aim of meeting these needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Pursuant to its strategic vision, the company in December 2002 shed its old identity, National Oil and Chemical Marketing Plc, and launched a new brand initiative which included a new name (Conoil), new logo (a circular icon of oil droplets) and new corporate colours (orange and blue). The new identity represents the company’s dynamism as a re-engineered entity and its commitment to improving the world we live in. It represents a brand with a positive attitude and a fresh and energetic approach to enriching lives.

For Conoil, a powerful and attractive brand image is the perception created by the multitude interactions that a customer has with the company. As a result, we make the customer the centrepiece of our everyday operations, with the cardinal objective focused on quality, value and service. The Conoil brand aspires to touch lives in a unique way so as to form a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. The ultimate goal is to lift the brand to such a pedestal where customers see it as an endorsement of quality.