Nigeria's Complete Energy Provider

We are Nigeria’s complete energy provider leveraging talent and technology in petroleum exploration and production, manufacturing and marketing of refined petroleum products.


Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr. GCON, CSG. CLH, is the Chairman of Board of Directors of Conoil Plc that has been providing strategic direction, management and technical expertise ensuring the continuous growth of the company.

Dr. Adenuga, a businessman extraordinaire, has significant interests in oil production, airline, banking and real estate. He is the founder of Conoil Producing, one of the country’s leading indigenous upstream petroleum companies, and Globacom, Nigeria’s leading telecommunication company with presence in Republic of Benin and Ghana.

Dr. Adenuga attended Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan in present day Oyo State. He also attended Northeast Oklahoma State University and Pace University, New York, where he obtained his degrees on Business Administration.
For his immense contribution to the Nigerian economy, Dr. Adenuga was honoured with the second highest national award of the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON) by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Dr. Adenuga was also conferred France’s highest national honour of Commander of the Legion of Honour by the French Government, for his remarkable contribution to the development of the French-Nigerian relations, his appreciation of the French culture and also for the advancement and betterment of humanity.



Retail business represents the face of Conoil to the outside world. It has an expansive distribution network throughout the country which today ranks among the fastest-growing in the industry.



Over the years, the company has been identified with quality, technological superiority and environmental friendliness. It has a range of top quality brands of engine oils, Quatro and Golden Super.



Conoil remains the company to beat. It commands the leading market share and has the largest spread of aviation fuelling stations nationwide, with an ever-growing clientele, which includes the world’s leading airlines.



Congas, the company’s brand of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), popularly called cooking gas, adds more flavor to lives by guarantying safety, quality.



Crucial to the operations of the Conoil Specialised Products are depots which are strategically located across the country to ensure even distribution of products at all times.



Conoil deals in bulk delivery of all petroleum products to industrial customers. The company’s investment in personnel training and equipment has sustained efficiency and satisfactory service delivery.


2023 was a challenging year with the devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic. We however, look forward to the future with a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism.

In continuing the long-standing excellent and unbroken tradition of annual dividend payment to the Company’s shareholders, the board of Directors will propose to the 2023 Annual General Meeting that the sum of ₦1.04 Billion be approved as dividend payable to all shareholders from the net profits for 2020, translating to a dividend of 150 kobo for every 50 kobo share held.


Conoil is managed by a Board of experienced Directors and a dynamic team of seasoned professionals who make up the Management team. The Board, on behalf of shareholders to whom it is accountable as owners, determines the direction of all Conoil businesses. It monitors executive action through a set of corporate governance principles which guides the company’s day-to-day operations.

PMS means Premium Motor Spirit, which in common parlance is generally referred to as petrol. AGO is the short form of Automotive Gas Oil, popularly called diesel. HHK is household kerosene for domestic use, while ATK stands for Aviation Turbine Kerosene, which is also known as Jet A1 of aviation fuel. It is the fuel used to power aircraft.

Gasoline is the fuel designed for spark-ignition internal combustion engines. Conventional gasoline is a mixture of compounds, called hydrocarbons, derived from petroleum crude plus a small amount of a few additives to improve its stability, control deposit formation in engines, and modify other characteristics.Gasoline is the fuel designed for spark-ignition internal combustion engines. Conventional gasoline is a mixture of compounds, called hydrocarbons, derived from petroleum crude plus a small amount of a few additives to improve its stability, control deposit formation in engines, and modify other characteristics.

One of the main functions of oil is to protect your engine from wear and tear arising from excessive heat. Engine pistons move up and down thousands of times per second generating enormous amounts of heat. So if oil is not changed as at when due, its ability to dissipate heat is reduced, thereby causing costly damage to bearings, seals and rings. Regular oil change is imperative, especially if you make more frequent, shorter trips with stop-and-go driving.

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer because different engines have different oil viscosity requirements. To know what applies to you, it is advisable to consult your owner’s manual. Fresh motor oil like Quatro and Golden Super, cools, seals and lubricates your engine to help prevent contaminants and prolong engine life, keeping your car at peak performance.

Harmful deposits are constantly attacking your engine’s precious metal components, creating friction and robbing your engine of performance and fuel economy. So you can protect your engine by using any of the Conoil lubricant brands.
They are specially formulated to guarantee all-year-round protection, high-level performance and superior fuel economy for your car. As a mark of excellent quality and world-class standard, the Quatro brand carries the Donut symbol of the American Petroleum Institute (API), which is a globally accepted symbol for top quality engine oil.

Quatro range of products includes Quatro Ultra and Quatro Premium for petrol engines, while the diesel engine range comprises Quatro HDX Turbo 15W-40 and Quatro HDX 40. Ultra and Premium are available in both four-litre packs and 209-litre drums, while HDX 40 and HDX Turbo are in four-litre cans, 25-litre cans and 209-litre drums. There is also Quatro Gel is for gearboxes.
Golden Super is available in one-litre, four-litre, 25-litre packs and 209-litre drums, all of which are tamper-proof to protect them from adulteration. The different grades of the product include Golden Super Motor Oil and Golden Super Plus, which are suitable for gasoline engines and Golden Super Diesel for diesel engines. There is also Golden Super 2T for two-stroke gasoline engines.