Congas, the company’s brand of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG),popularly called cooking gas, adds more flavor to lives by guarantying safety, quality, quantity, reliability and convenience to millions of homes and households across the country. Drawing on its vast experience of marketing and trading in petroleum products, Conoil efficiently offers gas to its customers at a price they can afford. Its LPG supply chain covers the entire country. In addition to distributing through its stations, it is supported by a network of independent distributors who ensure constant availability of the products. Safety is of paramount importance in all its operations.

The Company is committed to promoting the safest possible use of LPG at all times and ensuring that safety standards are maintained for the benefit of customers and the environment. All of its cylinders are protected against corrosion and subjected to strict safety checks at each refill. The high-tech equipment in the multi-million naira LPG bottling plant and storage terminal conforms to industry regulations and international safety guidelines. The goal is to become the leading gas supplier in Nigeria, penetrating previously untapped markets to make life easier for its customers.

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